Confederation Cup Kicks Off Buildup To World Cup

The FIFA Confederations Cup kicks off in Brazil today, in which eight of the world’s strongest soccer powerhouses compete in what analysts and sports bettors describe as a preliminary World Cup event.  The Confederations Cup is used by FIFA to attract non-traditional soccer markets to the game, which helps make the World Cup an even larger event.

Established in 2001, the Confederations Cup has struggled to escape the reputation of existing as a shadow of the World Cup.  The Confederations Cup is in essence, used by FIFA as a warm-up to the World Cup main event, which is held one year after the preliminary event.  While the tournament is exclusive to the reigning champions of FIFA’s many affiliation leagues, it struggles to gain recognition, relevance, and most importantly, audiences among the international soccer fanbase.

The Brazilians won the past two Confederation Cups, and in addition to hosting this year’s event, are favoured to win once again.  In doing so, Brazil will become the first nation to win three consecutive Confederation Cup tournaments.  However, in an event where only the best of the best compete, the Brazilians must bring their A game to the field if they hope to capture the three-time champion exclusive title.

The strongest opponents for Brazil are expected to be the Spaniards, who are the reigning World Cup champions.  While Spain failed to qualify for FIFA’s European Champions League this season, the team has the highest odds to challenge Brazil for the Confederation Cup.  Many online casinos and internet gambling guides predict a Confederation final between these two teams, who must surpass fellow champions Italy, Mexico, Uruguay, Japan, Tahiti, and Nigeria to participate in the anticipated showdown.

Who do you bet will win the Confederation Cup?

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