Blackberry Playbook Competes with iPad for Mobile Gamers

When the iPad was first launched, mobile gamers jumped at the chance to play online applications in a brand new way. However, Apple products aren’t for everyone and RIM (the brains behind Blackberry) is working on a device that appeal to everyone out there that isn’t a Mac fanatic.

The new Blackberry Playbook will hit shelves in April with a price tag that matches the new iPad 2. There are many key differences between the two devices, and iPad users who feel that they are lacking certain features may find solace with the new Blackberry device.

The biggest difference between the Playbook and the iPad is the size. The iPad measures 9.5 inches by 7.3 inches while the Playbook is only 7.6 inches by 5.1 inches. This may work out in Blackberry’s favour, as several techies have called the iPad “cumbersome” and a little too big for mobile communication.

The Blackberry Playbook also supports Flash, which is something that the iPad lacks. This bears well for online casino gamers, as they can now use their tablet computers to play browser-based Flash games. Flash support is a big deal in the mobile gaming industry, so the Playbook may be able to obtain a portion of the market share from mobile gamers.

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