World Cup 2010: The Year of Underdogs and Red Cards

This year’s World Cup in South Africa has been full of surprises, as millions of football fans around the globe have been shocked out of their seats at the number of upsets that have taken place. Online sportsbooks are especially frustrated at this year’s results as they are losing quite a bit of money.

The first round is not even over yet, and football spectators already have a lot to say about this year’s results. Switzerland’s win over Spain on June 16 was shocking. Then, Germany – who slaughtered Australia 4 to 0 the previous week – lost to Serbia, a team that is nowhere near as lauded as the German National.

France, a finalist in 2006’s World Cup, was already the subject of much ridicule after losing to Mexico on June 19th. Now, South Africa’s victory over France has got online sportsbookers scratching their heads.

The year has also been shocking in terms of the number of red cards that have been handed out so far. Last year, 28 red cards were received by World Cup players. This year, the tournament has not even it its halfway point, and 8 red cards have already made their way into the hands of many football stars. In the 2010 games, players who receive cards often bring a death sentence upon the rest of their team.

Itumeleng Khune of South Africa received a red card during the team’s game against Uruguay no more than 5 minutes in – and the team lost in a bitter defeat. Germany’s Miroslav Klose earned himself a red card, causing his team to play with only 10 players in their game against Serbia, a match that was lost by one of the league’s most talented teams.

Undoubtedly, there are many more surprises in store for World Cup spectators. So, online sportsbettors should take note – betting on the underdogs may be a good idea this time around.

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