How to Win More Consistently Playing Small Stakes Poker

Tips Online Poker

If you can focus on the long-term with small stakes poker at online casinos or in person, you’ll be in a better position to start building your bankroll steadily. Don’t focus so much on hourly or daily results, the focus needs to be winning at the end of the week. One bad day and six excellent days means your moving in the right direction.

Here are 5 keys to winning more money at small stakes poker games online:

1. Maximizing Your Efforts on Great Days

There will be days you win all the big pots and other days you can’t buy a hand. Knowing you will have your share of losing sessions, you’ll need to strike when the iron is hot. On days when you keep flopping sets, you have to get maximum value by getting as many players in these hands as possible. Slow play the nuts, appear weak, and never flash your hole cards to keep the table guessing.

2. Minimizing Your Losses

Like we said, you’ll have your share of days when your set is busted by a bigger set or when aces are cracked by a maniac playing 3 7 off suit to the river. When nothing is working for you, don’t try to ride out the storm, move to another game or quit for the day. Weak players do the opposite, trying to play until the tables turn, which never do. Know when to walk away and keep your cool so you come back tomorrow with cooler heads and your bankroll in tact.

3. Stop Playing Games with No Profit

Take a look at the players before you decide to ante up and play at the online poker table. If the max buy-in is $25 and you see most of the table at $100, they are simply waiting and picking off new players at will. There is no profit or upside to sitting at this table. Recognize that you need to find a table where weaker players are reloading over and over with no regard to the rest of the table.

4. Focus on the Big Picture

Do you know your poker goals? If not, make them today. If your goal is to win $1,000 in three months playing poker online, then you have to stop worrying when you have a bad day or checking your bankroll every hour to see if you’re there yet. If you can stop focusing every hour on your number, you will not be so emotionally involved in reaching the goal. Checking at the end of the day or week to see if you are on course is a better strategy to winning playing small stakes poker online.

5. Punishing the Weaker Players

Spotting weak players who never fold and chase to the river are easy if you focus on finding them. These calling-stations are the key to your ultimate success at the poker tables. If you can be patient and wait for good hands, these weaker players will go to the river on a draw, and you can punish them when they catch with your monster starting hand.

Don’t let emotions get in the way and just stick to this plan and you’ll start to see a huge improvement in your online poker bankroll. Stay the course, things will improve before you realize it.