What Is It Going To Take For A Lotto Max Jackpot Winner To Be Drawn?

A pattern is forming that is likely frustrated devoted Lotto Max players.  The weekly lottery draw is held, and the $50 million jackpot prize remains unclaimed by any ticketholders.

Lotto Max is an intriguing lottery game for Canadian gamblers.  The maximum allotted jackpot is $50 million, and any additional revenue made from ticket sales is pooled into separate MaxMillions prizes that are each worth $1 million.

The jackpot reached the $50 million mark for the February 14 draw after weeks of previous draws failing to match combinations on any purchased tickets across Canada.  Since then, another three draws have been held, but continued the pattern of failing to match the jackpot to any winning ticket combinations.

The only winnings from draws over the past month have been on the MaxMillions prizes.  In the draw on March 7, there were 30 MaxMillions prizes up for grabs, but only 8 tickets matched the drawn numbers.

According to Lotto Max, six players each received $1 million – two in Ontario, two in BC, and two elsewhere on the Prairies.  The remaining two MaxMillions prizes will be shared between four players – one in Ontario, one in Quebec, and two more on the Prairies.

The next draw will be held on Friday March 14 at 9pm EST, and tickets for the draw are available up until the moment of the draw.  Lotto Max predicts that in addition to the $50 million jackpot, there will be 50 MaxMillions prizes up for grabs.

Might this be the week that a grand winner is finally drawn?

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