UK to Ban Foreign Gambling Operators

When it comes to the online gambling industry, governments have become increasingly wary of increasing rates of gambling addiction. As a preventative measure to fight problem gambling habits from forming, the UK government is thinking of forcing operators out of the country.

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt believes prohibiting operators from outside of Britain from advertising to UK residents. The government is also considering banning all credit cards from being used at online casinos and other online gambling websites. It is believed that this initiative will prevent players from spending money they do not have at online casinos and going into debt.

If the government goes through with it plans, hundreds of operators would be forced out of the British online gambling market. As the UK presents one of the biggest populations of online gamers in Europe, the move is expected to create a great deal of controversy.

The new changes are a result of growing concerns over player safety. Currently, the UK is the only country in the European Union that allows foreign operators from advertising to UK residents without any player protection regulations. The change to advertising regulations would ensure that all operators who are advertising in the UK meeting the government’s safe gaming standards.

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