UEFA Sets Deadline for FIFA Changes

Recently, FIFA has allowed many corruption scandals to take place under what is supposed to be its watchful eye. Games have been fixed and thrown, and even the presidential election was rife with scandal. It’s time for the association to do something about all of these issues, and UEFA has stepped in to put some extra pressure on FIFA.

Sepp Blatter was recently reelected as FIFA’s president, after his only opponent, Mohamed Bin Hammam was suspected of taking part in bribery. Blatter took his reelection as an opportunity to vow to fight corruption in the football industry, but UEFA wants to see results rather than empty promises.

UEFA met for its June executive committee meeting to discuss the scandal-laden situation currently plaguing FIFA. The committee decided that FIFA should be able to come up with a solution within three months. They hope to see a concrete solution in place by October 2011, rather than proposals or plans in progress.

Hopefully, FIFA will take a lesson from UEFA, who has already enacted useful regulations to stop corruption. Players will no longer face fines but suspension and other severe punishments. If FIFA adopts similar measures, it is likely that the association will be able to cut down on the number of scandals taking place.

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