All Bets Are On For US Election

How Americans will vote is unpredictable, even with the most recent polls.  But Canadian and international gamers are not afraid to make their own predictions, and back those predictions up by placing money on the line.  UK bookmaker William Hill has indicated there is more money being bet on this American election than any other campaign in history.

Graham Sharpe, one of William Hill’s spokesmen, said the election has attracted interest from all corners of the world, and money is still being placed on the two presidential candidates.  He says that over $16 million has been wagered on the outcome of this election, with large bets placed for both the incumbent Obama, and the challenger Romney.  However, despite the wagers for both sides, Sharpe says the odds are heavily in favour of the President.

With the race to the White House entering the final furlong, political punters appear to believe Mr. Obama is beginning to pull clear.”

The election has attracted attention from all over the world, in part because the US is still seen as the world’s largest superpower.  UK and international gamers have been following the election in great detail, to ensure their wagers are based on logic and not personal feelings towards the candidates.

Canadian gamers are not able to stay as emotionally detached with their wagers because the US is Canada’s largest and most important ally.  The close relationship between the two countries often results in actions on one side of the border affecting the other side of the border as well.  Despite receiving mixed feelings in his own country, Obama is still incredibly popular in Canada.  This popularity may have some sway over how Canadian gamblers are placing their money on the election’s outcome.

Voting day is not until tomorrow and of course anything could happen by the time the polls close.  However, the wagers are still coming in from Canada and all over the world.

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