TSN Opens Online Play Betting Bracket For March Madness


The NCAA March Madness tournament kicks off this week amid eager anticipation and excitement from fans of the games.  March Madness is a popular sportsbetting event across North America, where gamblers fill out their brackets through sports books and online casinos in order to bet on the tournament.  In Canada, the national sports network TSN is running its own online bracket for fun, which is expected to attract its fair share of Canadian gamblers.

The TSN bracket states it is not associated with gambling as players are not required to put money down on the event.  Players are still required to be of age of consent, and must be legal residents within Canada.  All players are also required to register a free ESPN account on the TSN website in order to gain access to the play bracket.

TSN is running this bracket as a free prediction event where all registered players submit their picks similar to a gambling bracket, but no money is involved in making the picks.  However, at the end of the tournament, TSN will randomly draw the name of an entrant within the top 1 percent of players who made the correct picks.  The lucky selectee will then receive a grand prize of $10,000 for participating.

TSN posted the official tournament bracket on March 17, and entrants can now select which team they think will win each of the 63 games in the tournament.  Players are also encouraged to invite their friends for a friendly competition where correct picks are ranked in a category within the group.  Group play is available for registration until the first tipoff on March 21, which is the beginning of the second round of the tournament.

Once all the accounts are registered, the gameplay begins.  Each correct pick adds a certain number of points to a player’s scorecard.  For example, a win in the second round adds 10 points – in the third round, a correct pick is 20 points.  The values continue to double until the final game of the tournament.  At the end of the event, TSN selects its grand prize winner who will receive the $10,000.


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