Problem Gambling App Launched on iPhone

There are thousands of applications out there for mobile communication devices. You can use your phone to play games, connect with friends, manipulate pictures, identify songs on the radio and more. Now, there’s an application that will help recovering addicts stay on the straight and narrow.

Called iPromises, the new online gambling application was developed by an organization called Elements Behavioural Health which runs one of the most renowned addiction rehab centres in the world: Promises. The treatment centre was home to several celebrities during their times of crisis, give Promises a top reputation in the field.

The new application gives users easy access to contacting their sponsors and closest friends. This is an ideal use for a smartphone, as devices like the iPhone and Android phones provider users with many different ways to contact their friends. Using social networks, emails and phone, users can easily contact someone when they are in need of assistance.

iPromises also helps users keep track of their success in beating their addictions once and for all. Users can note obstacles they’ve faced and achievements they’ve gained, making it a handy application to have while you’re on the go. Over 5000 people have downloaded the application so far.

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