The British Government Moves To Investigate Online Gambling Companies’ Treatment of Consumers

UK Gambling CommissionThe internet and its adjacent technologies have become a more central part of modern life for many people. These days consumers are using applications on mobile phones to access important services like private transportation, communicate with their friend group and to manage their finances through applications like Mint that have made keep tracking of one’s budget much easier than it has ever been. The influence of the internet on modern life does not just extend to transportation, communication or financial management, it also extends to the way that people who are interested in gambling are able to access casinos.

The days when avid gamblers had to make arrangements to drive to another city or to take a plane to a locale with a thriving gambling scene are over. Gamblers now have a choice as to whether or not they are going to visit casino capitols like the city of Las Vegas in the United States or the city of Melbourne in Australia. They can now turn their phone or their home computer into a casino thanks to the internet. Technology allows consumers to access casinos or gambling games through things like instant play or to download casino programs to the hard drive of their computer. As the 21st century version of the gambling industry takes shape regulators around the world are making efforts to keep up with it so that consumers do not get the short end of the stick.

According to reports, the British government seems to be steadily increasing its regulation of the United Kingdom’s gambling industry. One report noted that the Competition and Markets Authority, a regulatory agency in the British government that has jurisdiction over gambling companies decided to investigate whether or not digital gambling companies are making it more difficult than it should be for consumers that win money from online casinos to claim their prize money. One official from the Competition and Markets Authority noted that they were privy to information suggesting that consumers were being enticed into registering with online casinos and not being made aware of confusing stipulations that reduce the odds that they would win in the first place.

A news agency spoke with a man who had won 35,000 pounds through an online casino. When he made an attempt to get access to the prize money that he had won from the online casino he ending up finding out that he was unable to do so. Upon contacting the company he was told that he was not in compliance their rules. According to reports if the Competition and Markets Authority and its counterpart the Gambling Commission uncover any wrongdoing on the part of online gambling companies they could end up cracking down on the sites or taking some of them to court.

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