Study to Be Conducted About Casino Crime in BC

 A report by the British Columbia government has indicated that a study must be completed in order to study crimes that take place at casinos in the province. A task force would be created in order to gather intelligence on criminal activity, determining the types and scale of casino crime. 

Rob Kroeker, the author of the report, recommends that a multi-agency force be created to monitor suspicious transactions and behaviour that may take place at casinos across British Columbia. The force would also seek to determine the amount of money laundering that actually takes place in the province. 

In a previous study, it was revealed that most suspicious activities occur with large amounts of money in small denominations such as $20 bill. As such, Kroeker suggests that casino operators in British Columbia make a shift away from handling cash funds and towards electronic banking. 

The British Columbia Lottery Commission has taken the suggestion to heart, and has launched its own initiative to eliminate cash transactions at the province’s casinos. Players will only be able to buy in using electronic banking transfers or cheques; withdrawals of more than $500 must be paid out using cheques, as well. 



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