Canadian Gambling Tycoon Indicted

Yesterday, the domain was seized by the American government. Now, the company’s owner, Calvin Ayre, has been indicted on several charges. Despite maintaining a clean legal record thus far, the Canadian gambling entrepreneur was brought up on charges of running an illegal betting operation and money laundering. 

Count One of the charges accuses Ayre and three other individuals working for the BoDog brand of knowingly running and operating an online betting website. According to United States’ laws, the operation of online gambling websites in America is still illegal and BoDog violated these terms. 
Count Two of the charges accuses Ayre of conducting money laundering crimes. Since BoDog was transferring funds  a gaming company outside of America to players and media outlets inside in the country, the American justice system has deemed the activity a money laundering crime. 
The government wants Ayre to forfeit all of his funds and products; however, the business owner maintains that he is innocent of any crimes. He states that running an online sportsbetting website is not in violation of any American laws and believes that the charges against him and his website should be dropped. 

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