Apple iPhone Revolutionary for Mobile Gaming

While Google Android devices are taking over popularity in the mobile gaming market, software developers are still have faith that the Apple will be the company to change the online gambling market. Gaming on the iPhone and the iPad has already helped to advance the mobile gaming industry, and analysts believe that there is still a lot more growth to be had.

According to Neil Young of software developer Ncmoco, his company is working on ways to marry television technology and mobile gaming software. He believes that in about two years time, it will be possible to project the games that you’re playing on your mobile device onto your television.

There are currently 100 000 games available on the Apple app marketplace, and the amount of money spent on mobile gambling is expected to account for 15% of all spending on video games in 2011. Thanks to Apple, the mobile gaming market has developed vastly and shows no signs of slowing down in future.

According to studies, individuals who play mobile games are more likely to spend money on application downloads than all other smartphone users. Because of this, Apple will continue to be a superpower when it comes to financial success in the mobile gaming marketplace.

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