Single Game Sportsbetting A Possibility in Vancouver

Ontario may have to take another lesson from British Columbia. For years, politicians have fought to have single-game sportsbetting legalized in the province, but it has only just become a possibility. In BC, they are a bit further ahead, as the bill to legalize the activity has already passed three readings so far. 

Politicians are already discussing the specifics. Should single-game sportsbetting be legalized in British Columbia, government officials believed that it should be run by the local gaming commission. It seems that the BCLC would be more than happy to take on this responsibility, as it would mean even more revenue. 
“We are focused on enhancing sports betting offerings on within the current Criminal Code,” says Kim Steinbart of the BCLC. 
To prepare for the expansion of online sportsbetting, the BCLC has already enlisted in the help of Paddy Power, Ireland’s biggest online bookmaker. The company brought in $6 billion in bets last year, and the BCLC believes it would be the ideal partner for pursuing an online sportsbetting business. 

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