Save The World From Alien Invaders with Electric Diva Slot

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electric-divaDo you believe in life outside our planet? Do you think those extra-terrestrial are kind-hearted and will come one day to share their love and live in harmony with us Earthlings?

Electric Diva does not share your opinion and she already has her guitar at the ready to bust anyone or anything that threatens to ruin her world.

Speaking of which, as her Spark City comes under immediate threat from alien spider invaders, Diva will need your help to defend her loving hometown. Join her in her rocking battle and earn your chance to make serious money while you’re at it.

What We Love

Cataclysmic themes are our favourite and we were pretty excited to hear that Electric Diva will be a game that will deal with a world-defending subject. Admittedly, we got pretty surprised to hear that this brave heroine will use her guitar to save the planet and we still struggle to wrap our minds around the entire concept, but let’s go beyond it for now.

Deserted streets of Spark City are a fantastic backdrop for the reel grid and a well suited scenery for the epic alien fight you get engaged in during bonus rounds.

Microgaming attempted to go full 3D here and we salute the effort, but it somewhat went wrong for them as they ended up creating what is more of a comic book style game, rather than a real life setting.

We understand that there are better ways to complement a game than what we have done so far in this section, so a thing we were really impressed with in the Electric Diva slot are the winnings. Top prize of $140,000 is quite a scoop worth spinning for even if some of you out there are not the biggest fans of science fiction.

electric diva slot screenshot big

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What We Do Not Like

We scratched the surface in the previous section of this news article, but sadly enough there is a lot more material to fill in this next segment as well.

Microgaming should have known better before deciding to proceed with this game as same themes and similar subject often deploy much better graphic solutions and exert more detailed execution than what is the case with Electric Diva.

Apart from the heroine herself and her alter ego, other symbols are resembling the ageing ones from the first Independence Day movie and that is a serious issue any professional and respectable developer should look after.

What’s with the guitar? We get it, Microgaming wanted to make something different, but a stunning girl lead would look even more awesome if she was carrying a proper gun instead of a rock guitar. Music never killed anyone, and aliens would look much better exploding after being blasted with something more explosive.

Microgaming are known as developers who boast some of the most sought after progressive jackpot slots around and as such should really raise the bar and put some extra work in polishing their titles prior to releasing them. It can be difficult as this company tends to release new games every month, but quality should go in front of quantity.

Worth Playing?

We are big fans of science fiction, apocalyptic themes and everything that has to do with putting world as we know it on edge of extinction.

We were pretty excited to test the new Microgaming’s title and despite some pretty rewarding features and engaging dual-mode gameplay we were left feeling disappointed.

Try it out for yourself and draw your own conclusions, great rock and roll soundtrack was also not enough to lift our spirits with this particular game.

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