Full Tilt Poker Releases Gambling App for Android Phones

Now that online casinos have broken into the iPhone market, operators are looking for other outlets through which to appeal to gambling fans. Now, sights are set on Android phones, which are becoming increasingly popular among mobile phone users.
Full Tilt Poker has just announced the launch of its brand new application for devices support Android 2.2 software and Flash 10.1. Using the new application, players can log in to their existing Full Tilt Poker account and play online poker games for real cash. There are few applications out there that allow players to wager real money, and Full Tilt is certainly setting a milestone. It is expected that other online poker operators will follow suit in coming months.

Online poker is, by far, the most popular game in the online gambling world. It is only natural that poker operators would be some of the first to expand into the mobile gambling market.

Currently, the application is in the Beta stage, so Full Tilt has warned players that there may be some kinks to work out before the final version of the software is finally released. However, the application has already been downloaded by a wide range of players who are excited to get their hands on this innovative new software.


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