How Does Your Personality Influence Your Game?

How do you know which type of game provides you the greatest odds of winning?  Believe it or not your personality fits the gameplay style of certain games over others, and if you plan on playing in a casino – either land-based or online – you may want to consider that before placing a bet.  The logic is that your comfort level with a game relaxes your mind so it is more focused on how to play strategically, which in theory improves your chances of winning.

A gamer that is shy, quiet, or somewhat reserved would probably be more comfortable with either the slots or video poker.  These games allow you to play at your own pace without the intimidating factor of dealers or other players pressuring you to make risky bets.  Roulette is also a game for the self-conscious because it is the ultimate game of chance, which means there is no such thing as a bad bet.

On the other hand, outgoing personalities comfortable with riskier gambling would prefer casino games such as craps and sportsbetting, or taking a chance on the ponies at a nearby racetrack.  If you are an assertive personality usually with some cash to spare, you are willing to risk the odds and put money down on a game or event outside of your control.  While these games are of higher risk, they result in even higher rewards.

However, if your personality type is more analytical who plays to win using skill not luck, then blackjack or poker are the games for you.  Competitive gamblers who have honed their skills over the years prefer these games as they are two of the few games that put control in the hands of the player.  Particularly with poker, skilled gamers rely less on their cards by instead playing off their competitors.  Poker requires the ability to read people in order to win especially in a tournament where your survival depends on how effectively you anticipate the maneuvers of your competitors.

Of course your casino personality often depends on how much money you feel comfortable gambling.  Gamers with less money to spare generally prefer safer games like the slots to control how much they spend, while high rollers are willing to go all in on craps, roulette, poker, or even baccarat.

Do you agree that personality affects how you gamble?  Let us know on Facebook what you think, or if you feel other games are more suitable for certain personalities.

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