Meeting Scheduled for Toronto Casino Debate

The topic of building a new casino in the City of Toronto has been highly debated. Journalists, residents and politicians all have something to say about the development – and now they will finally have their voices heard in an open forum. A meeting will be held on October 10, giving the public the opportunity to weigh the pro and cons of a potential Toronto casino.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has shown his support for the project ever since it was proposed by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. He believes that it will provide a much-needed revenue boost for the city, bringing in additional tourism and creating jobs. The project has also captured the interest of renowned Las Vegas gaming operators like Las Vegas Sands, Wynn and MGM.

On the other hand, local councillors are not on board. Councillor Adam Vaughn has opposed the project for months and, this week, he has reiterated his disdain for the idea of building a new casino in Toronto. In addition to requesting information on the necessary steps to prohibit the construction of any new gaming venues, he and councillors from East York and Toronto have requested a report on the impact that the casino will have on the health and legal system.

As such, October’s meeting will consist of a heated debate. Both sides feel very strongly about the issue of bringing a new casino to Toronto, and they will work hard to get their points across.


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