Royal Vegas Casino Goes Live With Racing For Pinks Slots In November

Drag races have never been more exciting – or rewarding than the latest online slots addition to the Royal Vegas Casino games roster.  The casino will go live in November with the Racing for Pinks video slots, which pays tribute to popular street races.

The game is located along a drag strip where powered up cars rev their engines, setting the stage for all-out nitro races for cash rewards.  In the background are crowds of people excited to see the race, and the video slot animations bring the atmosphere to life for gamers inside the casino.

The game is structured with 5 reels, and provides players as many as 243 different ways to win the game.  Players who successfully navigate their way through the slots reels will uncover scatter bonus symbols and free spin bonuses, where a strong race can win as many as 30 free spins – and a 5x multiplier on any payouts.

A strong opening race can also open the door to the bonus race round.  The bonus race splits the drivers into red racers and blue racers, who will compete in five rounds of drag races for the main prize.  Players must bet on the driver they believe will win each round to reach the end, where the jackpot prize increases the payout from the initial bets by 175 times.  If players bet on the wrong driver, they must join the losing driver in handing over the pink slip to the car.

The Racing for Pinks online video slots will go live at the Royal Vegas Casino in November – the latest addition to the venue’s popular collection of entertaining casino games.

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