Royal Panda Turbo Max Power Slot Player Wins Progressive Jackpot Twice in a Row in One Week

Turbo Max Power

Turbo Max PowerA slot player from the Netherlands, playing with the Turbo Max Power slot at the Royal Panda Online Casino won progressive jackpots twice in a row in just one week. Identified only by his online name Marco, the Royal Panda customer initially won €6,936 (£5,095) and then won another €5,688 (£4,178) a few days later from the same Quickfire-deployed slot game.

The amounts are not as massive as the huge progressive jackpots doled out by Microgaming; but winning big amounts twice in one week is a major event, especially at the Royal Panda Casino. In both occasions, Marco placed only €2 (£1.47) as bet per payline on the 3-reel, 5-payline fruit-themed classic video slot. In two separate instances but during the same week, Marco landed on the required three blue Turbo Max Power symbols in one of the five paylines. Both occurrences triggered the bonus game.

In those two different Bonus Games, Marco gained a chance to win the Progressive Jackpot. Both chances were well played, because Marco’s spin at the Bonus Game Multiplier Wheel landed on the Red Max Power symbol.

Landing on the Red Turbo Max Power segment of the Spin Wheel, triggers the release of the Progressive Jackpot Bonus. This explains why Marco’s double-progressive win is regarded as amazing, since the progressive jackpot game play is not as simple as landing on the required same-symbol combination to win the Progressive Jackpot. For Marco to hit Bonus Wheel spin outcomes that land on the Red Turbo Max Power, twice in a row in a single week, Marco’s win is indeed a remarkable lucky feat.

About the Turbo Max Power Online Slot

The Turbo Max Power online slot is a JPM land-based slot machine content. The slot was developed for online casinos by JPM Interactive, and is being distributed online by Microgaming via the Quickfire platform.

The JPM slot machine brand is one of the most widely played fruit-themed slot games in UK pubs and high street betting outlets. Turbo Max Power is one of a series of Max Power slot brands linked to JPM’s network of progressive jackpots. The Royal Panda Casino is one of several Microgaming online casinos offering JPM Interactive’s Max Power Progressive Jackpot.

As mentioned earlier, the Progressive Jackpot can be won in the Bonus Game by virtually spinning a Wheel-of Fortune-like Spin Wheel. The Wheel is divided into segments with different value multipliers and the Red Turbo Power Max logo. If a bonus player’s spin at the Bonus Wheel lands instantly on the Red Turbo Power Max segment, the bonus player automatically wins the Progressive Jackpot amount currently at stake.

Otherwise, the player will be rewarded with bonus money equivalent to the bet amount placed on the spin that triggered the bonus game, multiplied by the value multiplier on which the Bonus Game Spinning Wheel landed. The maximum value multiplier that could be won from the Bonus Game Multiplier Wheel is 50x.