Rock Gaming branding to JACK Entertainment

JACK entertainment

JACK entertainmentRebranding is always a tricky thing, especially in a casino based industry where brand recognition is key to keeping customers as well as generating revenue. Rock Gaming has had quite a bit of success in just such and industry. The casino business is extremely competitive, and it can be difficult to maintain a good environment given the nature of the gambling industry as well as the level of cutthroat competition that such companies have to contend with. By rebranding, the casino is sending a message that they are evolving and willing to stay relevant in just such an industry filled with so many ebbs and flows within the system.

The purpose of the rebranding campaign is to change the image of the brand. This extends far beyond the logo and the appearance of JACK Entertainment, and enters into the lifestyle choices of those who frequently use the gambling company as their favorite lace for entertainment, risk, and excitement. The best way to do this is to match the needs of the ideal customer. JACK Entertainment is all about excitement. The company hopes to affiliate itself with the daredevil, carefree image that its customers adopt when attending the casinos and gambling. This encourages the kind of reckless and exhilarating behavior that can lead to amazing profits within the casino industry. If customers feel like the company that owns the card tables is also taking risks and living life on the edge, then they will be far more likely to match the spirit of the table and continue with the hopes of winning money while chasing the sensation of risk that the JACK Entertainment brand now provides. Additionally, the rebranding comes at the perfect time, as the company has paid off all of its shares and now stand as the dominate gambling industry in the area. This is a symbolic rebranding that underlines the company’s break from its former conglomerates, and having bought multiple other casinos in the industry, the JACK Brand is now capable of spreading its name further than the Rock Gaming brand was ever capable. This is sure to dramatically increase the revenue of the company, and the new and bold image will not only keep old customers loyal, it will certainly entice new customers to step up and take their chances, attempting to strike it rich and win big.

The JACK Entertainment brand is somewhat of an old friend. The friend that encourages risk and living with no compromise. To extend this notion, the company will be attempting to create something called clubJACK, an entertainment, online based royalty system that ensure loyal customers feel very well taken care of and provided for. a dominant force in Michigan and Ohio, JACK Entertainment will begin rebranding city by city in the coming months, and once the transition period is complete and the businesses are thriving in the various cities, this club program will keep loyal customers and allow the brand to expand even further. Rebranding is a risky move, but in an industry filled with risk, this move could very well launch a national casino kingpin.