QuickSpin Just Launched Second Strike Slot Machine


second-strike-slot-logoThe action in Second Strike might offer you only a relatively simple game, but thanks to its Second Strike feature I think you will find it much more interesting than the usual slot machine with a classic influence. The game’s creator is called QuickSpin, a company with Swedish roots.

The game has few lines, only 10 being used on 5 reels, while its theme is inspired by classic games, so the symbols are mostly various types of fruits, stars, bells and 7s, all of them typical in slot machines of the past.

What We Love

The features are the ones that make this game playable for me. I’m referring here to the wild symbol, but mostly to the Second Strike feature, which is the one that you’re not likely to find in any other game.

Let’s take a look at the wild first, the usual symbol with substitution powers that you can rely on to make your day whenever it appears in just the right place. There are no other feature symbols in the game, so wilds are going to take the place of any regular symbol.

The Second Strike feature is the most impressive part about this game, and it actually gives it its name. If you look at the border that surrounds the game area, the 5 reels, you will notice that it has randomly placed symbols on it, all of them being represented there with the exception of the wild symbol.

What happens is that whenever you have a winning combination on one of the 10 lines of the game, a marker will start moving on that border quickly, making it look like some sort of roulette. If the marker stops on one of the symbols which match the ones that are part of the winning combination, then you get a second chance to get even more wins.

At this point, the game will add between 6 and 10 matching symbols to the reels, replacing regular symbols only. The presence of three symbols in the triggering combo will bring you 6 additional symbols of that type on the reels. With four symbols, you get 8 extra symbols. A combo of five symbols can bring you 10 additional symbols, which would be enough to cover all the remaining positions of the game and offer you 10 wins of 5 symbols each.

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What We Do Not

I’m not a fan of the classic theme that QuickSpin chose here. I’m tired of games which use fruits, 7s and other classic icons, and the only thing saving this one is that Second Strike feature which I love. Otherwise, despite the modern quality of the symbols and the surrounding graphics, I wouldn’t even give this game the time of the day.

Another thing to be less than happy about is the top prize of Second Strike. You can’t hope for more than $10,000 in this game, and given that it has so few lines and the Second Strike feature is so difficult to trigger, I feel that it’s not enough.

Worth Playing?

The theory is a good one in this case, and I love the idea of the Second Strike and what it can do for your bank account, especially since it’s possible to get 10 top jackpots at the same time thanks to it, as long as you get at least one.

However, the Second Strike feature will be difficult to trigger, and all things considered I think you’d be better off playing a game that is more generous.

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