Can Canada Make a Game off Its Unpredictable Weather

Climatologists and researchers who study unusual weather patterns often look to Canada as a site to perform their studies.  In one full year Canada can experience weather extremes on both sides of the thermometer and within the last few years; those extremes have become more unpredictable.  It’s this unpredictability that has raised the question of betting on the possibilities of what the weather may bring particularly for the coming winter months.

The last few years have seen unusually warm winters throughout much of Canada providing much warmer air and in last year’s case far less snow.  Dave Phillips a senior climatologist with Environment Canada expects this year will not be as easy on Canadians as some recent winters have been.

Nature is not capable of producing two non-winters in a row.”

Meteorologists across the country are calling for colder conditions than Canada has been used to the last few years because the El Nino and La Nina patterns in the Pacific Ocean have dissipated allowing a more regular flow of air across the country.  But despite their predictions Phillips and others don’t rule out the possibility conditions could change and that things could be a lot different by the time groups like Environment Canada; make their official predictions near the holidays.

Since there are so many possibilities of how the winter could turn out questions arise as to whether online gaming sites should create an opportunity for gamblers to make bets on the weather.  In the UK gamers have this option and have enjoyed it for a number of years.  A country as large and diverse as Canada with unpredictable winters should fill gamers’ appetites for a new way to play.

Canada is a country known for complaining about the weather so it makes sense to perhaps make a game on it.  Given the odds of another ‘light’ winter being so slim, gamers who do put their money on another easy winter could end up winning a lot of money for their predictions.  Sportsbetting is a popular way to make money on predictions perhaps it is time Canada embraces ‘weatherbetting’ to do the same.

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