PokerStars Antes Up MicroMillions Poker Tournament Beginning March 13

PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker room, manages multiple tournaments both on and off the web throughout the year.  The domain is scheduled to launch the seventh version of the popular MicroMillions series beginning March 13, and concluding on March 23.

The MicroMillions online poker series is a popular tournament for players who tend to bet lesser amounts on the game.  Buy-ins for the MicroMillions events can be as low as a few dollars, and even the main event only requires players to ante up $22.

The games in each of the tournaments feature variations of Hold’em, Omaha, and Stud poker, as well as more complicated games for players who are confident enough to buy into the events.  The prize pools for the tournaments will grow based on the number of players entered into each event.  However, PokerStars guarantees a $20,000 prize pool for the opening event on March 13, as well as guaranteeing $1 million in payouts for the main event.

The MicroMillions Main Event will be the grand finale of the MicroMillions series on March 23.  The winner will receive a minimum $75,000 cash prize, but that amount could grow depending on the number of players who buy in at the beginning of the event.

Players can also check their status on the PokerStars MicroMillions leaderboard, where the top 100 players are guaranteed a special prize.  The player at the top of the leaderboard will receive free Sunday million tickets for up to six months, which automatically enter the player into special Sunday online poker events.  PokerStars will also provide five Sunday tickets to the remaining top 10 players, and one free ticket to the next 90 players on the leaderboard.

Are you ready to go all in on MicroMillions?

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