PlayStation Ups Ante in Mobile Gaming Market

 Smartphones and tablet computers are overtaking traditional handheld consoles in the mobile gaming world. In a market where PSPs and DS consoles once reigned, iPhones and iPads are now taking over – but PlayStation won’t go down without a fight. To stay current, PlayStation has launched a deal with Skype, allowing users to make video calls from the gaming devices. 

As part of the new partnership, Playstation players will be able to down a Skype application to the PS Vita’s for free. Since the device has two cameras, players can carry out video calls just like they would with an Ipad or a netbook computer. 

This is a ground-breaking development for the console gaming world, as it puts them back into direct competition with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Not only do they act as high-quality gaming devices, they now have the potential to be used as communication devices. 

Playstation is currently the only gaming console with the capability to support Skype; however, Skype is rumoured to be in talks with Microsoft. This could mean that the XBOX will also support voice and video calling. While this would be bad news for Sony, it would be a great achievement for the console gaming world over all, as it can now compete with the likes of the iPad and the iPhone. 


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