How Serious is Online Gaming Crime?


PrintWith recent reports of a man scamming the online gambling industry for over $100 000 in online casino bonuses, the issue of online gaming crime has risen to the spotlight. Is crime rampant in the online gambling market, and is there anything that can be done to ensure that the industry stays safe for consumers? A recent report on Tech Radar seeks to answer these questions.

The most obvious form of online gaming crime comes with online sportsbetting. Many match-fixing crimes that have been committed in recent history involve online betting websites. As such, many gaming authorities have decided to crack down on corruption crimes in the online betting market, using monitoring and reporting system to catch suspicious behaviour.
A type of online gaming crime that occurs across the board is account theft. From PayPal to online gambling accounts to World of Warcraft profiles, the online  gamers seem to always be at risk at having their accounts hacked or stolen. One of the most effective ways to fight this is by employing tough encryption and anti-malware/spyware software on your computer to fight off any threats.
Gaming operators are also at risk, as demonstrated by the recent hacking of Sony’s PSN online gaming network. Unfortunately, the real victims of this crime were the players themselves, having their account details stolen and compromised by online hackers.

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