Phil Ivey Loses $4 Million In Online Poker Since 2012

One of the most skilled poker players in the world is Phil Ivey, a man many fans as well as fellow players consider to be among the best in the game.  Over his years playing online poker, Ivey accumulated over $19 million to his name – with much of his winnings coming from Full Tilt Poker, the domain he was once affiliated with as a partner.

But when Full Tilt Poker was shutdown, and later relaunched in November 2012, Ivey refused to rejoin the online poker room’s administrative panel.  Nevertheless, he remains an active player at the digital poker tables.

However, since Full Tilt Poker went live again, Ivey has been trapped in one of the longest losing streaks of his professional career.  Beginning in November 2012 until earlier this month, Ivey has lost over $4.7 million online, nearly a quarter of his total online poker career winnings.

As one of the world’s elite poker pros, Ivey played a very aggressive game that often intimidates other players at the table.  The world’s number one pro built a reputation using his aggressive gameplay.

But in recent years, fresh online poker players are less intimidated by aggressive players like Ivey.  Younger players have learned the moves of more experienced poker professionals, and are confident enough to challenge veterans like Ivey, especially in online poker rooms.

Ivey also runs his own training guide to poker on his personal site  Ivey recently posted an interview on the domain about his recent struggles in the online poker rooms, which he admitted is a challenging time.

Poker is a job you can put your heart and soul into, work the extra hours, feel like you’re doing everything right, and still you lose money.

While he no longer serves as an ambassador for Full Tilt Poker, Ivey remains an ambassador for the game of poker itself to fellow players and fans around the world.  He shares this distinction with other star players like former Full Tilt Poker colleague Gus Hansen, and friendly rival Daniel Negreanu – the Canadian ambassador for Team PokerStars.

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