Online Casino OperatorsFail to Take Advantage of Social Media Opportunities

Social Networking is one of the best ways for business owners to network with other major players in their industry. Unfortunately, many affiliates and operators have yet to realize the vast potential there is for networking on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. Because of their misguided attempts to solicit business using social networking, online casino tweets have earned the stigma of being spammy.

Operators must realize that online gambling is not a social activity. As such, online casino players are not likely to share their activities with their friends, making it an ineffective effort for operators to try to solicit business using social media websites and campaigns.

Instead, Twitter and Facebook can be used to network with other operators and affiliates, sharing information and making acquaintances – the way that social networking is meant to be done. Currently, there is no direct correlation between the number of followers that an operator has and the number of new registrants that its site obtains.

However, online casino operators still operate under the pretense that in the online gambling community, it is “every man for himself”. Unfortunately, that assumption does not bode well if you want to be a successful social networker. We suggest reaching out to other professionals in the industry, making conversation, sharing news stories and making business contacts, rather than solely soliciting business.

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