Online Casino Companies Flocking to Buy Dot Casino ( .Casino ) Domain Names


2015-06-04_1553Is Your .Casino Domain Still Available?

Want a simple solution to growing your business? The answer very well may come in a .Casino domain name.

Dot Casino (.Casino) domains are available for the first time ever as of June 4, 2015, and the time to buy this valuable virtual real estate has never been better. Actually, there has never even been a time to get into this specific side of internet domain names in such a unique way. In a recent study, 85% of the respondents indicated that they prefer to type a full domain name into the address bar rather than use a search engine to navigate. Not only does this give companies and casino owners the chance for a more specific domain, in many cases it allows for businesses to obtain the shorter and more memorable, desirable domain names.

.Casino Sales are Happening Now – Did You Get Yours?

Think of it like this, how many times have you absentmindedly typed “.com” instead of “.net” or some combination thereof? How often does a simple spelling error or incorrect domain distinction lead you to the wrong page? The bottom line is this: online casino companies are all going to eventually have to move to this format (or at least own the domain name) just to distinguish themselves in the market and prevent other unassociated companies from poaching their players.

Just think of names like: Online.Casino, i.Casino, My.Casino,, Vegas.Casino, it doesn’t get better than these if you are in the casino industry.

According to Google, average monthly searches for the word ‘casino’ hover somewhere around half a million. This number is sure to skyrocket with the addition of the .Casino domain names. There really isn’t much more that you can ask for if you are in the gaming industry. The .casino extension basically includes additional searches compared to a “.Net” or other generic TLD address. More searches means more players, and more players usually means more money when it comes to the casino gaming industry. What .Casino Domains Were Bought in the Pre-Sale?

Many of the premium .Casino domains have been sold in the pre-sale, with many selling over $12,000, which was the max pre-bid allowed. If you compare that to some of the highest selling domains in the casino industry you will see that Casino.Com and each sold for around $5.5 Million. While $12,000 may be a steep initial investment for the average consumer, millions of .Casino domains are still available for under $200 from hosting sites like industry giant

In many cases, simply owning a domain name will cost businesses less than if they never purchased the domain. If history has shown us anything, the businesses that hold off on these purchases up front usually spend many more times what they should have, further down the road. These new changes have the chance to do one of two things: cost your company money, or make your company money. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, now is the time to make your move.