OLG Launches New Game

A new lottery game is now available from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Rock, Paper Scissors is based on the classic game of the same name, in which players must choose one of three materials in order to beat their opponent. With an impressive top prize of $1 million, the game is sure to gain a great deal of attention from Ontario lottery players. 

In order to play, players must fill out a ticket as they would any other lottery game. Instead of selection numbers, however, they have 14 chances to pick either Rock, Paper or Scissors. During the lottery draw at 9:30pm, the “Opponent Throws” are announced. 
The number of winning rounds dictates how much money each player receives. Six winning rounds offers players a free ticket, while provides a prize of $3, the cost of one ticket. The prizes grow progressively from there, with the top prize being $1 million for 14 wins. 
Should multiple players win he top prize, it is not divided up amongst them. Instead, prizes that are not won on particular days are kept in the prize fund in case of this very scenario. So all players who win all 14 rounds are eligible for the $1 million prize. 
Rock, Paper Scissors is available at all lottery retail outlets. Try it today! 

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