NJ-Facing Betfair Online Casino Pays Out $1,522,000 to “Let It Ride” Video Poker Player

Last February, a BetfairCasino.com patron achieved a record-win by hitting the largest single payout of $1,522,000 from playing with the online casino’s “Let It Ride” poker-based card game. So far, it is now the highest single win since the State of New Jersey launched its regulated online casino gaming industry in November 2013.

The Betfair.com player resides in Union County, NJ but prefers to remain anonymous. He was beside himself in sharing his unforgettable online gaming experience, since he recalled that he was all set to call it a night after playing online for about two hours. Since it was his final game for that evening, he decided to place $500 on each of the three initial bet requirement of the “Let It Ride” video poker game. He also decided to place the same amount on the 3-Card Bonus, upon seeing that a near Royal Flush had been dealt, the ten, the Jack and the Queen, all of which were in diamond.

He continued with amazement since he knew it was something that could bring a huge amount of winnings, after all a Royal Flush pays 1,000 times the value of each bet. The two cards that followed, the King and the Ace of diamonds, were the most astounding surprises of his life, which according to the Union County fellow, came as a total shock for him. True enough, the “Let It Ride” video poker game paid out 1,000 times for each of the $500 bet for the Royal Flush and more, with the additional winnings for the 3 Card Bonus Bet that pays 40 times for the Staight Flush. The lucky player bagged a total of $1,522,000 in net winnings.

He explained that he chose to register at Betfair because of the online casino’s generous Welcome Bonus offer, which he came to know through Betfair’s TV commercials. He admits to enjoy playing, especially at Betfair.com because the site gives players a fair chance at winning. Now that he has experienced a record-breaking win, he vows to play only at BetfairCasino.com.

Don Ryan, the General Manager at BetfairCasino.com remarked that for them, it is always exciting when a player achieves a big win, because they are thrilled with the knowledge of being a part of the U.S. online gambling history. It also demonstrates Betfair’s ability to furnish New Jersey players with a safe and fair online gambling experience, lavish bonuses, and high payouts, for years to come.

BetfairCasino.com is the New Jersey-facing online gaming site of UK-based Betfair, licensed and regulated by the NJ Casino Control Commission, to offer real money Internet-based gaming products and services within the confines of the Garden State, and in partnership with Atlantic City’s Golden Nugget Casino.

The “Let It Ride” video poker game is one of the first batch of new casino games introduced during the late 90’s.The software’s AI calculates a player’s win based on the final five-hand card. After the 4th, and then after the 5th card is drawn from the stack of community cards and dealt to a player, the latter can reduce one of his or her bets in case he or she feels that the card dealt on each instance is not strong enough to achieve a win. The other option is to “let it ride;” as the game title denotes, it is all about taking one’s chances by letting the bet stay especially if the odds appear to be largely in one’s favor.

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