Nevada Gaming Control Board Reigning in the Gaming Industry

Nevada’s gaming governing organization, The Nevada Gaming Control Board in its efforts to support the reigning industry in the region and especially Nevada proper released results recently that assert that in the game if roulette alone in Nevada there has been an increase of almost 60 percent in roulette gaming revenue compared to last years haul in that very popular table game.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board contributes this amazing rise in the game’s popularity and thus the game’s revenue to a period of time that especially included the end of the prior year and the first months of this the proceeding year.

Using this particular portion of the year as a constant in order to compare it to results in the same period of 2016, it is reported that roulette’s approximate 60 percent upsurge represents an approximate $40 million in the month of February if this year alone.

Among the financial evidence collected by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, some of this collected evidence reveals another positive economic indicator for the region. This evidence utilizes the complete 12 month period and asserts an approximate 15 percent rise in the gaming activity in the region in general as compared to the same period of the prior year. With well over $360 million in actual revenue that was actually collected by the state, the numbers would suggest an adjusted revenue rate climb of around 18 percentage points over this period.

A summation on the cause of the results compiled by the Nevada Gaming Control Board given by an included member that fills the role of senior research analyst with the gaming control board asserts the exceedingly favorable February results were contributable to several direct and indirect causes. This senior research analyst also noted that the industry had seen the last three consecutive calender years in which the revenue of this popular casino game had significant reductions in every aspect of the game. The report given by the gaming board is designed to reveal a turn around in these prior years from the down slide because improvements like increasing volumes and improved hold had been instituted. This analyst also notes that winning percentages had increased as well as volume due to the changes.

The only other game to see this type of meteoric uptick was the popular game of bingo. In terms of winnings, the game of Bingo paid out an approximate $2 billion over the latest reporting year according to this same research analyst and serving board member. He notes that in the reporting year of 2012, the industry hit an apex with a record setting wager amount of $21 billion being reported for that period. However, he notes that this year had a higher than average year of influx in play from countries in the Latin American region, and that this influx of outside players had not been repeated again in the four years since these players brought in enough volume to set a state record.