NetEnt Just Launched Motörhead Slot Machine


motorhead-logoNet Entertainment has announced the release of the third installment in its NetEnt Rocks series: Motörhead. NetEnt Rocks is a trilogy of slot machines paying homage to three legends of rock:  Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, and Motörhead.

Guns N’ Roses was released back in January (2016), Jimi Hendrix is due in April, and we can expect Motörhead to be released in September this year. Motörhead’s slot machine will feature the band’s music, and 3d models of the band members. This will certainly provide a hefty dose of nostalgia juice for all fans of Lemmy out there.

For those who might think that the Motörhead slot machine was announced too close to Lemmy’s death for comfort, I’d tell them not to worry. It’s a well-known fact that Lemmy was an avid player of slot machines, so much so that it’s rumored that his nickname came from the phrase “lemme borrow a quid”, with which he’d ask his friends for money to spend at the one-armed bandit.

Oddly enough, NetEnt’s Motörhead comes at an appropriate enough time; a fitting tribute to Lemmy Kilmister, heart and soul of Motörhead.

What We Love

It’s a Motörhead virtual slot machine. Do we need any more reason to like this game already?In all seriousness, even though the theme is more than enough to make us want to play it, we can expect Net Entertainment to deliver a great experience, packed with solid special features.

NetEnt is keeping quiet on this title’s gameplay for the moment, so there’s not much else for us to do than speculate about it. There is one game in the NetEnt Rocks series that has been released: Guns N’ Roses. Being games in the same series, we believe that at least some of the features from Guns N’ Roses will show up in this upcoming title.


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One particular feature which we greatly enjoy is the stacking wilds in both Legend Spins (3-spin free spin rounds) and Encore Spins (10-spin free spin rounds). The stacking wilds in these modes can make for veritable cornucopias of winning combination.

Another feature in Guns N’ Roses which we love is the Crowd Pleaser minigame, where you pick objects based on the audience’s demands. Although we can’t say that Motörhead will be just like GnR in gameplay (nor we hope that that will be the case), we have good reasons to believe that they will be fairly similar overall.

What We Do Not Like

Besides having to wait all the way until September to play this game, there’s not much which we do not like about Motörhead, or at least nothing based on solid fact. There is one thing that makes us a bit hesitant about this game, which is the fear that NetEnt will make all three titles in NetEnt Rocks simply reskins of the same underlying game.

That would be sorely disappointing for us, and would tarnish the series, making it go from tribute to rock legends, to cheap cash grab exploiting. However, the apparently long development times for the titles gives us reason to believe that NetEnt will make both Jimi Hendrix and Motörhead different enough to avoid that situation.

Worth Playing?

Simply being a Motörhead themed game is enough to make us excited to play this new slot machine. However, with the big drought of information we’re in regarding this upcoming title, we can’t consciously say whether it’ll be worth your time or not.

We do have good reasons to be very optimistic about it, though. Net Entertainment is a high quality developer, and the NetEnt Rocks series is clearly receiving enough attention and care from them to remove any reservation we may have regarding this game.

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