Massive Casino Leads to Fears of Problem Gambling

Resort World Birmingham

Resort World BirminghamResorts World Birmingham is preparing to open their doors for the first time in the UK. They will come on the scene as the newest and shiniest casino in the country. The facilities will accommodate 2,000 people and hopefuls will line up to try their hand with lady luck. Officials say that the casino will have a bit of Las Vegas glamor and is just what this area needs. However, critics are saying that allowing a casino to operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in this region will cause problems. The problems will be gambling and misery.

The company responsible for this project is Genting UK. They have invested more than £150m into this casino. It’s very similar to other models they own in Kuala Lumpur and New York. It looks like a cruise ship and will have 50 shopping centers, 18 restaurants and bars and a cinema with 11 screens. It is going to be called the Genting International Casino and they will have 150 slots and 31 table games. Of the table games, they feature roulette and blackjack and bets can go up to £1,000 each time. The large gaming area is designed to be state of the art.

Though they received the green light from the Casino Advisory Board, this high profile casino has ruffled a few feathers. Sure, this casino has brought many jobs to the area, but organizations around the area are worried about the gambling addictions could increase with this high profile casino being so close and always open. They fear the organization only cares about money, not the people who are spending it.

Each casino statistically attracts people from their community and the nearby neighborhoods. They take money that they would have normally spent somewhere else in their city and spend it on gambling. They used a study done in the US to back up their concerns. According to the study, anyone who lives within ten miles of the casino has a higher risk at having a gambling problem, especially when compared with those who don’t have such close proximity. To send one person to residential treatment for gambling is a cost of around £10,000. This new casino could have a huge social and economic impact on the area it is in.

Some areas take precautions to ensure that those living in the local area won’t be so tempted. In Singapore, the government makes locals pay more expense for frequenting the casinos. This is an effort to protect them from overspending. Marc Etches is a big shot with the Responsible Gambling Trust in the UK. He stated that the casino has a duty to their customers. Not only do they have to ensure they are having a good time while they are there, but they also need to ensure that they can play without experiencing any harm.