Marvel Settles Lawsuit With Cryptologic

Earlier this year, it was reported that Cryptologic had filed a lawsuit against Marvel Comics for violating an exclusive agreement that allowed the online casino software designer to depict characters from the label. The suit was settled quietly and behind closed doors, as the licensing agreement has been redrawn on a non-exclusive basis.

Cryptologic was the first online gambling developer to obtain the rights to Marvel Comics characters, producing over a dozen games depicting the popular superheroes and villains. Shortly after, PlayTech and other software designers had released their own Marvel Superhero games, indicating that Marvel Comics may have violated its licensing agreement with Cryptologic.

Today, the lawsuit was settled, as both companies agreed to modify various business terms in their licensing deal. Their agreement will no longer be “exclusive”, and Marvel will now be able to license its characters to other developers. In addition, the games will also be developed for mobile platforms.

With the announcement of the new licensing deal, Cryptologic has also announced the launch of a brand new Marvel Superhero slots game based on the Avengers. It is a perfectly-timed release, as the Avengers movie is scheduled to shoot in 2011.

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