Lotteries Promote Responsible Gambling For The Holidays

During the holiday season, it has become popular to give scratch cards to friends and family as presents. However, McGill University has presented some concerns about this practice, as it may encourage irresponsible gambling – and gaming commissions across the country have decided to support the issue. 

Often, parents give their children lottery scratch cards as a fun, novelty gift. While winning may seem like a great thing for a kid, it can be harmful in the long run. According to researchers at McGill University’s International Center for Youth Gambling Problems and High Risk Behaviours, children may develop unhealthy attitudes towards gambling if they receive a big lottery win on a scratch card gift. 

Rather than getting defensive about the issue, lottery commissions across Canada have supported the report. The British Columbia Lottery Commission issued a statement on MarketWire, urging parents not to buy scratch cards or other lottery tickets for their children as gifts this Christmas:

“Parents are reminded to do their part by not exposing kids to gambling”, the statement says. 

The BCLC has also posted about the issue on its blog. As well, the Manitoba Lotteries Commission has issued a similar statement. It seems as though local lotteries are dedicated to promoting safe gambling this holiday season, and we applaud them!


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