Loto-Quebec’s Partnership With OpenBet Is Extended


openbetOpen Bet and Loto-Quebec seems to be getting along quite fine. The two have chosen to extend their partnership together. Those players who enjoy online gambling are sure to be thrilled with the news. The two entities have done a fine job working together to produce a solid gaming experience for fans of internet gambling.

A host of different companies do have to come together to make online gambling work. Open Bet handles the task of producing omni-channel software for sportsbooks and traditional gaming platforms. Loto-Quebec focuses on running lotteries. The two have worked together for many years. The partnership is going to be extended based on an agreement between the two to continue their relationship.

The new contract covers a three-year deal and extends the current partnership as it previous existed while also expanding upon it. Specifically, OpenBet is going to provide Loto-Quebex with a new system focusing on a mobile portal. A solid mobile portal would be a great addition to Loto-Quebec’s business coffers. Entering into a mobile arena means the company can access a host of new customers. Existing customers would have the ability to play the lottery on the go with Loto-Quebec and not switch to any other company.

The two have worked together in a partnership arrangement since 2010. As both parties realize, things do change rather quickly in the online gambling industry.

In any form of online gambling, growth is critical for success. Companies that fall behind the times or present older, outdated systems end up collapsing in the market. Competitors that are more willing to be cutting-edge most definitely are primed to take away a lagging competitors customers. Startups know that delivering something new and innovative helps draw customers away from an established service. Loto-Quebec understands this and is putting attention on growth via mobile platforms.

The company also knows what worked well for it in the past is sure to continue to work well in the future. Hence, the company is extending the joint-partnership with OpenBet. OpenBet has a solid reputation in the industry, which is why the business has been utilized for a host of online gaming endeavors. The content library and the wide swath of programming solutions have contributed greatly to OpenBet maintaining such a solid name.

Two other very popular traits associated with OpenBet are flexibility and support. Loto-Quebec is going to need both of these traits as it navigates forward amidst new regulation changes soon to occur within the province.

The extent of the impact of the new regulations is not yet known. The regulations might not even prove harmful to Loto-Quebec’s current operations. The provincial government does not likely wish to ruin one of its best sources of tax revenue. Still, it does not hurt to plan for the future and have additional plans on the drawing board. Working with OpenBet to craft a mobile platform is one of the new plans. Hopefully, the eventual release of the platform will reap huge rewards.