Legal Measures May Solve Illegal Gambling Problems in Australia

Australia GamblingRecent investigations may lead to regulations to wipe out offshore gaming in Australia. Although the Emu Group Ltd has claimed to be a leading provider of online casino games in Australia since 2012, internet casino games are illegal. The website points toward the ownership of the casino belongs to Jeff Muller, a Gold Coast hairdresser, who is currently contesting any association with the website and claim not to have even been aware of its existence. The website can therefore be shut down for being registered through fraudulent methods.

The Emu Casino Inc is incorporated in Panama and registered in Malta with an online licensed issued by Curacao. The major shareholders are two trust companies and it was incorporated by a law firm, Quijano and Associates. EmuCasino websites are registered with the international internet domain authorities under the name of Adrian Loughnan, a Sydney web developer who claims to have offered affiliate deals with online marketers to provide web promotion for the casino. The marketers who participated as affiliate would receive up to 45% of the revenue created by new clients they introduced to the casino and who signed up for new online accounts. There is no way of telling if Adrian Loughton is still affiliated with Emu Casino’s marketing. He could not be reached.

The New Daily’s further efforts to uncover the Australians involved with the online casino included calling the customer service numbers. Callers are greeted by an automated voice message prompting them on how to proceed to claim sign up bonuses, discuss payment options and other inquiries. In another case of online gambling, Betjack online gambling service, the police raided the call center and charged three men in 2015. An effective way to address the illegal online casino issue is to attack the problem through the payment companies. In America, imposing legal obligations on payment services such as MasterCard and Visa, has led to the offshore transactions being almost entirely eliminated. The same may occur with similar reform proposals being considered by a federal parliamentary inquiry.

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