Apple Ventures Into Online Gaming

If there is one thing that sets console gaming apart from mobile gaming nowadays, it is the capability to play online against other users. With mobile gaming graphics getting more and more advanced, there is little distinction between the two markets, especially when it comes to arcade- and action-style video games. The only big difference seems to be that console games allow users to compete with one another in the online world – and now Apple is exploring that option. 

Apple has recently announced that its social gaming network called GameCentre would be available to laptop users. Mac users can log on to the social network and play video games with other Mac users, as well as those using iPhones, iPads and iPods. Previously, GameCentre was only available to those using mobile devices; now, all Mac users will have access to it. 

Several other great features will be available to players who sign up to GameCentre. They will be able to customize head-to-head matches as well as share high scores. All of the same capabilities available to Xbox Live and PSN users are likely to be available on the new and improved GameCentre network.

Another great feature will allow users to stream their gaming activity onto the Apple Televisions. This is a capability that is rarely seen with PC games, and it will certainly attract some positive attention from players who may have previously been averse to Mac-based gaming options. 

At the Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, experts expressed their excitement over the new development, believing that it would pique interest in games that are designed exclusively for Apple Devices. As such, developers hope that it will attract non-Mac users to Apple hardware, in order to obtain access to this new and innovative online gaming network.

Console manufacturers are not worried about the competition, however. Sony and Nintendo are confident that their exclusive branded offerings will keep players coming back for more, while continuing to venture into the social gaming market to attract new players. For example, the new MiiVerse from Nintendo offers a new social gaming experience that console players can take advantage of while Sony has been working with smaller developers to create innovative social games for the PSN network. 


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