The Gaming World And The Casino World Collide

Competition Casino Industry

Many people know that in today’s work environment the gaming industry has become a billion dollar industry. It has created an entirely new field of work that is gaining massive recognition. Years ago people played video games for fun but now gamers are playing for money, status, and as a means of earning a living. Because of this the gaming business has grown down through the years and has revolutionized the way we look at making a living. With that being said the casino industry has always attracted customers because of their glitz, glamour and an individuals desire to make quick money while betting on games. The casino industry too has grown to become a massive multi billion dollar industry as well.

Although it may seem that the two industries have nothing in common, in reality they actually do. Both the gaming society and the casino market have made their earnings by appealing to individuals who love gaming and betting. The type of games does not necessarily matter but what does matter is the game and those that love the sport of it. This is the reason why two of the most famous casinos are being bidded on by American gaming companies. The Casino Niagara and the Fallsview Casino are two of the most well known casinos located in Northern America and Southern Canada.

These two casinos have been a staple in Canadian tourism market. However because the Casino Niagara and the Fallsview Casino are so close to Niagara Falls Park which is also a popular tourist attraction area in North America, these casinos were often times frequented by Americans as well as Canadians. This placed the casinos in position to be a well-known revenue source earner. It has also positioned them as a centerpiece of contentions for outside businesses to want a piece of the action.

So when both of these casinos came up for sale it became a bidding war for other companies. Numerous companies have tried to get their hands on these casinos however with the Canadian companies no longer in the bidding process for them, the American companies such as the Gaming Association are now making progress toward the purchasing of these companies. The Gaming Association has not disclosed the reason why they want to purchase the casinos but the Canadian government believes that it may be due to the American companies trying to attract more business to American owned casinos. Although there is no foundation to the truth of this, it still has not stopped the Canadian government from voicing their disliked about it.

If the Gaming Association succeeds with purchasing these two casinos they will more than likely include a gaming component within both of the casinos. This would increase the flow of revenue that the two facilities will earn. The possibility of placing a sports gaming component inside the two facilities has only raised additional concerns for the Canadian government. Canada currently does not have any sports gaming facilities in their country. Therefore they do not want to see any potential revenue that could be kept inside of their of country being lost to foreign countries or companies like the American Gaming Association.