Gambling Law to Implement Censorship Software

According to recent reports, the new German online gambling legislation contains a regulation that will closely monitor players. The condition is very controversial and has many players around the country weary about the risks that could possibly arise.

The legislation calls it a Network Lock, ‘sniffer software’ that can be used to block websites and censor emotions and instant messages. Based on particular content, the software will automatically block and censor certain resources on the internet from users living in Germany. So, if you were to type of search for something that is deemed ‘unacceptable’, you would not be able to access the website.

This has been tied to the German online gambling legislation, as the government would use the sniffer software to block players from websites that are not licensed in the country. However, critics f the provision believe that there are more effective ways to ensure that citizens are only taking part in legal online gambling activities.

Anti-censorship groups in the country call the Network Lock ‘a permanent, comprehensive monitoring of all online traffic’. They believe it will not only invade the privacy of online casino players but also citizens across the country at large.

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