British Columbia Ventures into Mobile Gambling

The British Columbia Lottery Commission has announced plans to launch its own mobile gambling application. A year after the corporation launched its online casino,, and experiencing several issues with the website, the commission is ready to venture into the mobile gambling world.

Over the course of the past year, the BCLC has worked hard to improve its online gambling offerings. The commission had the website shut down within 24 hours of being launched, before experiencing a string of misfortunes that compromised player safety. Now, one year later, the BCLC believes that it is ready to move forward in the online gambling world by launching its own mobile gaming operation.

Earlier this year, the British Columbia Lottery Commission conducted a survey in order to find out how the general public would respond to the launch of a mobile gambling website. The results of the survey indicated that British Columbia residents would take part in the operations of a mobile gaming app.

Although no timeline has been announced, mobile gambling in British Columbia is a go. The application will be the first legal mobile gambling offering in Canada, and it is likely that other provinces will follow suit over time.


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