Canadian Casino Technology Used to Fight Crime

Police across Canada are considering using facial recognition technology in order to catch criminals. It seems that they got the idea from casinos in Ontario and British Columbia, which are using the same technology to enforce self-exclusion programs that keep problem gamblers out of gaming venues. 

Officials want to install these high-definition cameras at airports, train stations and border crossings in order to catch criminals that may be trying to make a run for it. Faces that are caught on camera would then be matched with those in database of convicted felons and other criminals; then, authorities would be alerted to their whereabouts. 

Currently, the technology is already being used at casinos in British Columbia as part of the BCLC’s self-exclusion program. Those who sign up for the program are problem gamblers that wish to be denied entry into casinos so that they are not tempted to give into their addiction. The technology works in exactly the same way: images caught on camera are matched to photos of gambling addicts in the BCLC’s database and security is alerted about their presence. 

So far, facial recognition technology has been highly successful at Canadian casinos, preventing many problem gamblers from getting in. It is surprising that police authorities did not consider using this technology sooner. We anticipate that it will help the police capture many more criminals. 


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