Full Tilt Signs Acquisition Deal With Groupe

 Last week, Full Tilt poker released a statement claiming that the online poker company had signed an acquisition deal with  Groupe Bernard Tapie. The statement also claimed that the deal would include the repayment of all winnings to Full Tilt Poker players, which certainly comes as good news to poker players around the world. 

According to Laurent Tapie, Managing Director of the Company, there is great potential for the project. He states that the company would not have undertaken it if it did not see hope for the future. He seems to have a great deal of faith in Full Tilt Poker, as he says that no rebranding will take place. Tapie states that the world already knows what a great brand Full Tilt is, with some of the world’s best online poker software, and the company does not want to change that image. 

More recently, however, Bernard Tapie has corrected his son’s comments. He says that his company has signed an exclusive deal with Full Tilt Poker but Groupe will be waiting until December to make a formal decision. The company needs time to ensure that the deal is, indeed, a safe bet and that all goes smoothly between Full Tilt Poker and the American Department of Justice. 

Additionally, Bernard Tapie, states that the company is only seeking a 5% to 10% stake in the company, meaning that Full Tilt Poker could also be on the hunt for other investors at the moment. Other industry spectators interpret this as meaning Tapie will sell off portions of the company after the acquisition. 

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