For Station Casinos, Technology is Getting Bettors Inside

Station Casinos

Station CasinosStation Casinos has reacted to the advances in mobile technology by encouraging sports bettors to come back in to the book.

Mobile sports betting platforms have caused total sports wagering in Nevada to increase by 53 percent since 2010. People with a mobile phone or tablet do go into the sports book to register an account, but that’s it. They download the free app, and then can place their bets anywhere in the state. They can place bets while relaxing at home in front of the TV, while waiting for their meal at a restaurant or while on the job.

This is a boon for the owners of the mobile apps and the platforms that take the bets, but not for the traditional, brick and mortar sports books.

Station Casinos decided to buck the trend, even though they have had a mobile app of their own for the past three years. Last year they remodeled the sports book area at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, enhancing its appeal. That included adding three ultra-high-definition LED video displays to the wall. Each of these screens is 31.5′ X 17′. They got those installed just in time for football season. Watching a game on a mobile phone or even a large screen TV at home can’t compare to a video display that size. The experiences just can’t be compared.

The investment proved successful, so Station Casinos is now rolling out sports book improvements at all their casinos. Art Manteris is Vice-President of race and sports. He said the guest reaction to the enhancements at Red Rock made the decision an easy one.

Green Valley Ranch Resort, Sunset Station, Boulder Station, Sante Fe Station, Santa Fe Station and Palace Station will have similar enhancements by the start of this year’s football season. They’ll all have enhanced video, new television screens and betting line displays. Three of those casinos were still using betting lines handwritten on the wall with a Magic Marker.

According to Manteris, nothing compares with being in a sports book during a big game. The excitement and energy affect everyone. He added that Station Casinos expects more action at the sports book to drive revenue in other parts of the resort as well. Business carries over from the sports book to the casino and the restaurants. Somebody placing bets in the comfort of their own living room does not buy or shop at the casino.

Unless they are inside the sports book. Manteris reports seeing people sitting in the sports book yet using their mobile devices to place their bets.