Females Continue to Influence Online Casino Operators

Previously, online gambling websites catered only to male customers. After all, the primary gaming public was made up of mostly men, but as more and more females make their way in the online gambling market, online casino operators are trying harder to cater to a wider array of tastes.

It seems as though online casinos are choosing to revamp their designs. Many online casinos previously featured out-dated designs, resembling the garish, almost-tacky glitz of Las Vegas casinos. Now, the designs for online gambling websites are much sleeker and simple, appealing to the tastes of women who appreciate the effort that goes into good styling.

Other online casinos have chosen to make their designs less male-centric. Have you noticed that fewer online gambling websites feature scantily clad women on their homepages? Some websites include images featuring both men and women to appeal to both sexes.

In fact, some websites have even started creating games that objectify men in the same way that females previously were. GTECH G2 has just launched a brand new “Chippendales” slot game, which features male exotic dancers. This is certainly new direction for the online gambling industry and it will be interesting to see if the game inspires other operators.

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