Five Real-World Gambling Spots to Visit

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While there are plenty of online casinos built for convenience, it’s common among gamblers to travel to a real destination. Casinos and resorts offer the full experience and atmosphere that has built an entire industry. Additionally, some of the most popular attractions for tourists are located in the same regions, offering the individual more than just gaming venues. Here are five gambling destinations that the casino enthusiast can visit.

Reno, Nevada

It may not be as popular as its neighbor city in the same state, but Reno is an excellent destination for players who want the traditional gambling experience. The city of Reno is located near numerous attractions, including Lake Tahoe, and make a great focal point for sightseeing. In addition, there are a total of 21 different casinos in the city that players can visit. Some of the most notable spots for gambling are the El Dorado Resort Casino, the Grand Sierra, and the Atlantis Casino and Resort Spa. There is a reason why Reno’s official nickname is the Biggest Little City in the World.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

The country of Monaco is a tiny nation in Europe, smaller than every other country except for Vatican City. However, the country houses one of the most entertaining casino destinations in its district of Monte Carlo. Players who visit this region can enjoy some of the best casinos in the world, including the well-known Monte Carlo Casino. An added benefit of travelling to Monte Carlo is the area’s spot on the Mediterranean Sea. The excitement of casinos combined with natural beauty of the coastline is hard to top.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

While there are plenty of destinations touting popular casinos, the East Coast of the United States has a gambling mecca of its own. Atlantic City in New Jersey is a longtime favorite among players who want to gamble but may not feel like travelling as far as Vegas. This destination isn’t a mere alternative either. The casinos at Atlantic City are known across the globe as famous gambling venues. Players who visit can also take advantage of the sights and attraction at the resort city’s boardwalk. The ever-popular board game Monopoly drew its inspiration from Atlantic City, but there is nothing like paying a visit to the real thing.

Macau, China

The popular gambling destination of Macau in China is a massive casino spot. There are more than 30 gambling venues in the region for players to check out. In addition, the casinos and gambling make up about half of the economy. Not one to be outdone, Macau has a total of seven casinos that rank among the 20 biggest in the entire world. These amazing venues include the MGM Grand and the Venetian.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Even if it is an incredibly obvious choice, the city of Las Vegas has to be included. This destination for gambling is special because even non-gamblers recognize it as one of the most (if not THE most) popular destinations for playing at casinos in the world. Las Vegas is so popular, it is the second most visited attraction in the U.S., only behind Times Square in New York. The desert city is home to approximately 75 casinos and has 15 of the biggest hotels in existence. Its games have inspired many online slots and other popular web-based casino titles. Players around the world who are serious about gambling owe it to themselves to visit Las Vegas at once in their lives.