Zynga Bingo Debuts

 Zynga Poker is the biggest social games developer in the online world. The company’s claim to fame has been titles like Farmville and Mafia Wars, but Zynga’s biggest hit is Zynga Poker, a play-money poker game available to Facebook users. Now, the company will replicate its success in the game poker with a new bingo offering. 

“Right now, we’re only letting a limited number of people into the game to make sure our players are getting a primo, Zynga Bingo experience”, says a report issued by Zynga. 
The new Zynga Bingo game plays out exactly as a regular game of bingo in a land-based bingo hall or online bingo room. Players can purchase up to six cards at once using play-money which can be won during the games or purchased online. 
The game also makes great use of the social networking platform on which it is based. For example, upon logging in, players will be able to view their friends’ activity in the application. They can see which rooms they are in and even invite them into particular games. 
Online and land-based bingo are already incredibly social games, but Zynga is adding to the social benefits of playing bingo in the online world. Zynga Bingo will undoubtedly be a hit in the Facebook world.  

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