Expansion of Canadian Gambling Market Creates More Jobs

 Canada has one of the fastest-growing gambling markets in the world right now. Between provincial lotteries launching online gambling websites and their expansion into international markets, there is a great deal of growth going on in the gaming industry in the country. 

The Canadian Gaming Association is beginning to see a greater demand for software developers. Because of Canada’s growth in the online gambling market, there is a greater need for those who have experience developing games and other computer software. 

As a result, companies like Amaya Gaming are seeing unprecedented growth. According to a spokesperson for the company, Amaya is growing at a rapid rate. The company is hiring more and more software developers in order to keep up with the demand for online gaming technology across the country. 

The expansion of Canada’s gambling market also helps to boost the economy as a whole. With online gambling websites now being regulated by provincial governments, more money is being provided to a wide range of government programs. Some analysts estimate that billions of government dollars could be raised through the newest online gambling websites, PlayNow.com and EspaceJeux – as well as the OLG’s potential online casino. 


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